Thursday, February 12, 2009

What is really important

Today, i was watching a performance by my 4th grade son. It was lovely to see him on stage and I remembered how much he struggled last year when he had to be presenting things to others. He was very shy and felt insecure. I related to him and hoped that he would overcome his fears while young because I still struggle with my image. How do others perceive me? How perfect do I have to be to be seen? Why do i need to be seen and why cant I just be content in my own little world? Well, my son clearly has learned over the past year that his image is not as important as how he feels about himself. He still was nervous today but he managed and even seemed at times to enjoy it. You could also see that he did not care too much about the reaction of the spectators. He simply did his job and was not concerned about what people would think about him. I thanked whoever helped him to find himself more at ease with his own personality and secretely wished to get a little bit of support from whoever as well. I am proud of my son and i consider it the most important accomplishment of him over the past months. His character has grown tremendously. His insecurities do not totally throw him off anymore and he is quite content with himself. This I firmly believe is the secret of happiness. It all starts from being content with the status quo of who you are where you are and what you do. To accept what is is the most important life lesson for me. And others too. I hope that everybody has a great day and is able to accept whatever comes up and maybe even go further embrace reality.

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