Monday, February 9, 2009

1st time ever

hi everybody,
i cant believe i actually am writing my first blurp... a good friend of mine gave me the idea and because i love writing i thought it could be a good idea. But what do I actually write now??? A couple of thoughts that run through my head. The importance of honesty in friendship is something that comes to my mind. I had a lovely conversation this morning and realized how important it is to be honest to each other. The truth sometimes hurts us and our friends and even though it is very thoughtful to believe that it is better to not hurt the other person's feelings it is actually unhealthy. For us and the other person. We owe it to ourselves as well as to others to stay true to our thoughts. If we are avoiding a conversation because it is hurtful to others we are hurting ourselves because instead of practising the art of communication we are feeding our fear of saying something unpleasant. Fear is a good thing if we use it wisely but in this case it is not. I believe that i would like to learn more about communication because i am still working on developping that skill but for today i am very happy because i know my friend understood me, i stayed true to my feelings and i feel good.
Is that a good start for a blog???? I dont know.


  1. I like your blog, Suzanne. I'm very fond of polka dots:) Also like what you have to say. Honesty is important, and we're working on that right now with the kids. cheers! Martine

  2. Ist wahr. Mir fällt es auch schwer, mit unangenehmen Wahrheiten rauszurücken. Aber hier mal eine angenehme: Schön Dein Blog! ;-) Dicker Kuss