Monday, February 23, 2009

How quickly nice moments pass if we are not vigilant

It is the first day of routine after a wonderful weeklong vacation where i once again learned how inspiring nature can be. I spent it with 2/3 of my family in the French Alps and I was reminded of one of the happiest time periods of my life where i was soooo carefree. I used to be a really good skier because my parents had taken me skiing since i was little. I always liked the combination of sports and nature so that is why i was so committed. Now i am realizing that it also makes me extremely content and satisfied to ski and i dont for once think negative thoughts. So i enjoyed myself and what is even nicer i enjoyed being with my husband because that is what i miss most. To have the luxury to actually sit next to each other in the lift and not talk because there is no time pressure he is not going on another trip or anything... i loved it. But i have to be careful not to let those happy moments pass too soon. Have you ever realized that we tend to say the vacation time passed soooo quickly and now real life has caught up again. I believe it is because we dont store the happy moments as consciously as the challenging ones - judging thoughts, negative thoughts are more in the forefront of our brains. And instead of cherishing those moments of true peace which i have found on the top of the Alps last week, my brain is telling me to now do laundry! No I will not. In fact, i will go and find my camera and download the pictures i took from the landscape and i will look at it, close the eyes and feel the cold breeze on my cheeks, the sunrays tickling my nose and the light shining through me. I will smell the cold air, a mixture of sunscreen and soap. And i will give thanks to the creator of this wonderful landscape. I will see nature for what it is. Perfect and the visible image of how we could all be if we only let life happen at lifes terms. I hope you enjoy some moments of peace today too.

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  1. Hi Susi,
    you are such a wonderful writer. I will adjust your blog to my Daily OM reading session.
    Love & Peace Dein Seelenstern